Our Philosophy

Our Story

Palatino Hospitality was established in 2014 after the co-founders identified a need to differentiate their current businesses, creating a clear distinction between their corporate and luxury hospitality clients. Having over ten years experience in designing and producing bespoke goods for a wide range of industries, the co-founders immediately responded to a growing demand to be specialists in the luxury hospitality realm. They identified a gap in the market that could be fulfilled with their expertise and hence Palatino was formed.

Since inception, Palatino has been instrumental in designing & producing entire OS&E ranges for luxury hotel opening projects and refurbishments. The company has since expanded into new markets and have grown their client base to include the major top-tier hospitality groups. Palatino are market leaders of green solutions and have helped many of their clients on their green transition, redesigning all their amenity collections to abide by ecological demands and enhance the sustainability of their offerings.

A Global Existence, A Local Presence


Our French team liases with all our European customers.
We have warehousing facilities in 7 European countries, allowing efficient delivery of all our products.


We have a warehouse in Dubai to store and deliver the products to all our customers in the region.

Hong Kong

We are primarily headquartered in Hong Kong, where the main sales team and design team are based. The Hong Kong office has showroom, exhibiting our product designs.


Product development and research on new material are conducted in our Shenzhen office. We have a team in charge of production, auditing, quality control and logistics.