Our Expertise

From start to finish, we work on all elements for hotel openings, refurbishments and item creation. More than just a supplier, Palatino is a partner, offering a complete “One-Stop Solution”.

One-Stop Solution

1/ Designer & Producer of Bespoke Goods

We design and create products for all areas within the luxury hospitality sector, including F&B Items, In-Room Amenities, Spa Accessories, Kid's Entertainment, VIP Gifting, Special Events, PR/Sales Goodies etc.

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs so we can design truly customized items that add special details to their property and are in line with their brand identity. We work with various mediums, such as leather, marble, ecological fabrics, luxe materials etc to bring our ideas to life.

2/ Leader in Eco-Friendly Solutions

philosophy has always been to work in an environmentally focused way, that is socially beneficial & economically viable.

Through the development process, we analyse:
- How each product can be recycled after use.
- The ecological footprint during production
- How we can further enhance the project

3/ Guest-Experience Consultancy

We have a strong understanding of the increasingly high standards that must be met, the specific needs of the industry, and the ever changing demands of well-travelled guests. We keep a finger on the pulse of the latest market trends and innovations worldwide.

With this knowledge at hand, we conduct thorough analysis of a hotel’s offerings and can provide in-depth feedback across all areas, going into detail on both the tangible and intangible ways in which the property can enhance their guest experience.

4/ Production

We manufacture flawless products respecting the deadlines and needs of the clients, working with factories all over the world according to the availability of materials and the skillset of the country. We use the most eco-friendly materials and production techniques.

Our team ensures tight control of the social responsibility of the material supplier and manufacturers at each stage of the production process.

5/ Sample Creation

Our team sources the highest quality materials at the best possible prices, in order to provide our clients high quality samples with a fast turnaround time.

Samples can be produced for any product design, with fully customisable materials, finishing, colours, size and shape, to suit the specific requirements of your brand.

6/ Quality Control

We accept 0% defect rate and closely monitor each production, conducting quality control piece by piece. We package all our products with plastic-free and eco-friendly materials.
Our strict inspection procedure and assessment ensures our clients receive products free from defects, and fulfill required standards.

7/ Logistics

We assist our clients with the entire logisitics process and ensure product homogeneity worldwide for hotel groups.

Our services include tailoring outer packaging sizing according to the quantities required by the client, handling of customs clearance and import documentation worldwide, local warehousing with close proximity to property, inventory management and delivery on demand.

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