In the Know — The Hospitality Industry and the Rise of Ecological Consciousness

Industry News

One of the fastest growing sectors is the hospitality industry and the need to address environmental factors is a pertinent issue for hoteliers, whether in the planning, construction, operational or refurbishment stage of development.

The industry is seeing a need to change their practices, led by strong demand from guests and heavy environmental pressures, so much so that at Palatino we are seeing some of the key market leaders making big alterations to their buying strategy. There is increasing pressure on hotels to manage the environmental impacts of their activities and become accountable to society for this management.

The industry itself is a huge vehicle that can be used to positively influence awareness, help to educate guests and local communities, and improve environmental practices. We are delighted to be at the forefront of this movement, partnering with our luxury hotel clients to implement change within their groups on a worldwide level.

This has been a strong passion of ours since the beginning. For the last few years, Palatino has invested significant resources to develop eco-friendly alternatives to some of more commonly used amenities in hotels. We offer a range of products that are now 99% eco-friendly. We always advise our clients to go ‘green’ from the beginning, making mindful choices in their product selection. Through extensive R&D, we are able to best advise the most sustainable and recyclable materials to work with, all the while still enhancing aesthetics and function. There are many beautiful alternatives to utilise when ‘going green’. However, the motivation of hotel employees at all levels contributes strongly to the smooth implementation of environmental practices, such as replacing seemingly ‘standard’ in-room amenities with eco-friendly alternatives or adapting F&B accessories to this philosophy.

More and more, hotel guests are favouring environmentally responsible businesses. This is seen more evidently with the fact that ‘ecotourism’ has grown tremendously. What was once considered niche, will ultimately have to become the industry norm. In the immediate future, guests will place more demand on hotels to exercise ecological practices.

Together, we have been able to influence a positive change in buying behaviour, eradicating significant plastic use and playing our part in re-educating the guest. It’s important that hotels realise the sense of urgency to make the transition over to eco-friendly offerings, sooner rather than later. We’re honoured to be working closely with the hotels who are pioneering in their goals to go green; they are not only doing so for themselves or their guests, but rather to disrupt the market, pushing the bar higher on what constitutes the backbone of the luxury hospitality sector. The future of hotels is green.