Over the last decade, Palatino Hospitality has fused Parisian “savoir-faire” with an strong understanding of each market

Palatino Hospitality is a company specialising in Consultancy, Design, and Production of bespoke goods for luxury hotels, resorts and palaces. We have vast expertise in the hospitality sector, understanding both the high standards that must be met, the needs of the industry and the demands of well travelled guests,enabling us to remain at the forefront of innovation and eco-friendly product development.

Palatino is proud of our partnerships and of the close longterm relationships we have built with our clients in the last decade. We collaborate with various hotel groups on the opening of their new properties globally, never failing to provide them with all the high-end, and yet affordable, amenities which they require, complete with our tailor-made approach.

We also have strong expertise on working on hotel refurbishments and specific item revamps, bringing our innovation and market insight, to ensure that each of our clients has the opportunity to stay ahead in a competitive industry. We work on all areas within the luxury hospitality sector, including Food + Beverage Items, In-Room Amenities, Spa Accessories, Kid’s Entertainment, VIP Gifting, Special Events, Sales Goodies etc.

Our expertise falls in being able to offer our clients a complete “one-stop solution”. We handle 360 degrees of the production process; from defining the initial ideas, mood and needs, to the establishment of a specific design; from sourcing the highest quality materials and obtaining them at the best possible prices, to providing high quality samples with a fast turnaround time; from handling suppliers auditing to following the total quality control process up until the goods are safely delivered. More than just a supplier, we are a partner.

Understanding your needs and bringing life to your ideas


Our mission is to offer our clients a complete “one-stop solution”. More than just a supplier, we are a partner – your partner

Research & Product design

Our marketing team and designers are here to define your ideas: each item is fully customizable.

Factory auditing

Our high quality and frequency of factory auditing has enhanced our expertise in purchasing.

Prototype manufacturing

We source only the best materials in order to accommodate to your brand’s specifications.

Production monitoring

We continually keep you up to date and informed of progress made throughout every stage of the production

Strict quality control

We pride ourselves on enforcing high quality control on a “piece by piece” basis.

Carriage of goods

We have a team exclusively dedicated to product packaging, delivery and dispatch.

We provide a “service à la Française” desired by luxury hotels


 We create products that are consistent with each of their brand profiles and align with the demand of their guests

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Personalized design service and on-site visits to draw your ideas for the future


We have been working for the last 10 years on many hotel openings and refurbishment, which is our expertise


Meet the people behind the company

Bastien Le Coz

Bastien Le Coz is a French entrepreneur, who graduated from two prestigious French schools: ‘Sciences Po’ in Political Sciences and ‘Dauphine’ in Economic Sciences.

In 2011, Bastien created Palatino Group in France. The company quickly grew to supply major European companies in bespoke products. Since 2012, the company developed their vision further to focus on the creation of mainly high end and luxury bespoke goods. Palatino now supplies some of the world’s leading fashion brands and five star hotels.

Bastien Le Coz
Olivier Vu

Olivier Vu is a French entrepreneur that settled in China in 2006. He studied Economic Sciences at the University of Panthéon-Assas and at the prominent business school HEC.

Olivier created a buying office that now supplies more than 1000 customers in a wide range different sectors. Due to his industry experience and the expansive network he has developed over the last 10 years doing business in China, Olivier understands the growing need for high-quality goods that adhere to strict production standards, especially in luxury hotel industry.

Olivier Vu
Samuel Zavatti

Sam Zavatti has had over 35 years of global experience and has a strong personal network with major financial institutions in Australia, Asia, Europe & the Middle East, where he has provided managerial and executive advisory to management boards.

More recently, Sam’s focus has shifted towards the hospitality Industry, where he has been involved in a number of high value transactions and consulted on the expansion of multinational hotelier groups in new markets.

Sam Zavatti
Senior Partner

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